About Us

From the most renowned rolling papers throughout the global world to the best bongs, smoking as well as hand pipes, we are always striving to provide you the best merchandise on our shop. Browse through the products available, if you cannot find what you are consider dropping us a note.

Choice is good. Choice enables you to learn, explore and discover. Most of us want choice. We are constantly frustrated with the search for quality smoking bongs, grinders and pipes. We have always been paying extravagant prices for it. We always ensure our customers get exactly what they want with fast and cheap shipping. Shop with us and forget about all the shady stores you have to normally go to get your smoking supplies!

420 Weed Mart is motivated to meet up with the needs of the global marijuana community and would like to contribute to safe and healthy weed smoking whether it is used recreationally or medical usage. We source internationally, aiming to have the best products shipped to your doorstep. While we're at it, we guarantee the product you ordered gets delivered to you or we will provide you with a full refund!