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Calling Ecstasy "Cheeseburgers" Does not Make It Legal

I heard of a case recently where a drug dealer's system to avoid detection of his activities by police was to tell his customers to ask for "cheeseburgers" if they wanted ecstasy, an order for one cheeseburger being code for one ounce (about 28.4 grams) of the drug. The code for cocaine was "drinks", and

Hemp – The Sustainable Plant With Many Uses

In 1937, congress placed restrictions on growing hemp that all but effectively lead to a prohibition of hemp production in the United States. In order to grow hemp in the US you need a permit from the DEA. This permit has been described like a blind person trying to get a drivers licence, basically an

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite Naturally!

What pest are you trying to get rid of? If you say “bed bugs,” I cringe. It’s not so much in disgust – although, they are nasty little things. It’s that I know you have entered into a battle. A long, hard battle. Bed bugs multiply quickly. A single female can produce over 200 eggs

The Best Soups in the World

Soups have always been popular among the public due to the fact that they are – (a) hot (b) simple to make / prepare (c) healthy (d) differentiated From my experience, these are the best soups in the world. (a) logo soup: this sweet-tasting soup is one that appeals to many people around the world.

What You Should Know About Home Treatments For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid symptoms may include rectal area discomfort, pain, itching and burning and if you are experiencing these symptoms, it is best to look for treatments for hemorrhoids. Aside from prescription medications, you can also use a home treatment for hemorrhoids especially if you do not suffer from bleeding. Fiber supplement is recommended for people who

Advantages Of Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is 'a type of retailing where the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead passes the customer's order and shipment details to the wholesaler, who then dispatches the goods to the customer directly.' [Source: Wikipedia] The retailer then keeps the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. If you're

Smart Goals – The Most Effective Way to Set Goals

Here is a well know formula for goal setting, call the smart goals system. It is the system I use and I recommend you. What are smart goals? Smart means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. S – Specific M – Measurable A – achievable R – Relevant T – Time-bound 1. Specific Specific means

The Invisible Has More Power Over Us Than We Realise

We all feel emotions, we all experience energy. But we cannot see them. They are invisible to us except when we express them through our bodies. We express them through our facial expression, our demeanour, our whole being. We feel emotions in our hearts, we say, yet we know it is not our physical heart.