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weedholic – Dans ce test/revue mon pote je vais t’expliquer, t’apporter des connaissances sur le cbd (cannabidiol), à travers une petite revue et un test du produit afin de t’apporter d’un point de vue objectif mon avis et mon intérêt sur ce produit qui commence à venir petit à petit à travers notre pays. Comme

Beneficios de Fumar en BONG (Fumando)

De nuevo dos semanas sin subir vídeo pero tengo excusa ya había grabado y editado otro vídeo antes de este, pero prefería subir este antes. La idea de este vídeo viene por un comentario de un vídeo, asique ya veis que participais activamente en el la recopilación de ideas para nuevos vídeos. Ala dejo esto

Deze moeder geeft haar kinderen cannabis- RTL NIEUWS

De kinderen van Shira Adler uit de VS hebben last van angst en stress. Daarom geeft Shira ze CBD, een stof uit cannabis en medicinale wiet: “Het houdt me stabiel en rustig.” Abonneer je GRATIS voor meer video’s: http://r.tl/1JBmAcs Volg nu LIVE het nieuws op: http://www.rtlnieuws.nl Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rtlnieuwsnl Twitter : https://twitter.com/rtlnieuwsnl source

How Marijuana Affects Your Golf Game | Golf Digest

In this influential study, three golfers of different skill levels try a series of golf shots after consuming more and more marijuana to see how cannabis affects their game. A semi-pro, an amateur, and a casual golfer progress through five rounds of driving off the tee, hitting with an iron, and putting on the green

High End – The Regal-ization of Cannabis

Luxury cannabis products have emerged that cater to an elevated customer. The quintessential “stoner” stereotype is far outdated, and much like streetwear over the past couple of years, something that was once “underground” is starting to find its footing and the beginning of an entirely new luxury consumer marketplace. Shot in LA, we take a

This Video is About Marijuana

Uh Oh. OK. A thing I didn’t say, that I probably should have, is that we haven’t actually had a chance to do as much research on marijuana as we should have. Edibles have different effects than smoking which has different effects from vaping. Different strains have different amounts of THC and CBD and that


2 Chainz samples the finest bud box from Canndescent with a certified weed interpener (think: weed sommelier). WATCH NEXT: Most Expensive Marijuana Meal with 2 Chainz, Hannibal Buress and Tommy Chong – https://vice.video/2CWf49W Check out the latest from WEED WEEK on VICELAND: https://vice.video/WEED-WEEK-2018 Subscribe Now: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBE-TO-VICELAND Follow VICELAND: VICELAND.com | https://www.viceland.com VICE Video | https://video.vice.com

D.C. 420 Initiative 71 GlowBlow Cannabis Event

Thank you to Glow Blow and Elder Brand Gaming for hosting the event! Big Shoutout to all the Merchants that went is well! You can find them tagged in my Instagram Post. Glow Blow and Elder Brand will be hosting 420 and Gaming events every week so stay tuned for more! Follow us for Giveaways