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Coca-Cola Is Trying To Cash In On Cannabis | Fast Company

Coca-Cola Co. may develop cannabis-infused drinks, becoming one of the first major brands to delve into the legal marijuana industry. The drinks would contain non-psychoactive cannabidiol, or CBD, which, among its many uses, is used to ease pain or inflammation. How might this impact the growing legal marijuana industry, and does this mean other major

Is Lung Cancer Really Caused By Smoking

For many years, there has been a large debt going on as to whether or not lung cancer is caused by smoking. Naturally, tobacco and cigarette manufacturers maintain that they are not responsible for people getting the disease. But now, the scientific world can safely say that lung cancer is really caused by smoking after

How To Stop Smoking Weed

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Hookah Water Bong SmokeOut Weed Challenge

Hookah Water Bong SmokeOut Weed Challenge In this Video, Rubisel and I (Anthony) will be doing a hookah water bong smokeout challenge. This video will be a challenge to see which of us can smoke more from the hookah. The winner will be determined by the viewers. We are excited to be this first ones

Tesla shares drop after Elon Musk appears to smoke marijuana

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is the subject of a new controversy after he appeared to smoke marijuana during a podcast interview. Musk was a guest on “The Joe Rogan Experience” Thursday. On Friday, Tesla’s stock also took a hit, plunging more than six percent to $263 per share. Meg Oliver reports. Subscribe to the “CBS

Cannabis Bong Rips With Hot Water🌿🔥💯😮

Cannabis Bong Rips With Hot Water In this Video, Rubisel and Anthony will be taking a hit from a bong filled with hot water. During this experiment we learn that adding hot water actually makes the hit smoother. Don’t forget to Subscribe, Comment, Share & Like and opt in to Notification Squad. Subscribe for more


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Tips For Smoking Cessation

Smoking is becoming less socially acceptable and more people are turning to different smoking cessation techniques to help them give up the evil weed. This has become an extremely hot topic because of the number of countries that have passed legislation that makes smoking in public places an indemnity. However, there are still millions of