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Top 30 | The World’s Most Insane Bongs (2018)

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AMGTC™: Ep. 12- Water Pipes (aka Bongs)

➲SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=amandawinnlee Today we’re going to talk about water pipes, aka bongs. It’s gentler on the throat than smoking a joint or a regular pipe. The basis concept is that the smoke passes through the water, which cools it off before entering the lungs as well as filters out carcinogens There are 5 main parts

Quit Smoking Tips to Help You Stop Now

Smoking has slowly been on its way out for some time. You see less smoking in movies and there are no longer cigarette advertising on billboards. More often than not, you see quit smoking ads. The cost of smoking is increasingly more expensive due to taxes. Smoking has been banned in most states on local


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🔥 Smoke and Chill Music Mix 🔥 TITAN | Ultimate Phonk 420 Weed Playlist

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