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What Can Tree Trimming Do For Your Landscape?

A well-trimmed and maintained tree can be a joy for your property and family; providing the perfect amount of shade to read or just to take relaxing naps. But an improperly maintained tree can be a hazard to your home and health, as loose branches and unstable trees can come crashing down at a moment’s

Landscape Professonals – What You Need to Know For What You Need to Do

The seven professionals potentially available to help you with your landscape and gardens are: o Landscape Architect o Landscape Designer o Garden Designer o Landscape Contractor o Landscaper o Nursery o Landscape Designer / Builder Although there is certainly overlap, these are distinctly different levels and kinds of professionals. We will consider them in the

Landscaping Weed Barrier Fabric – How to Install Landscape Fabric

When using landscaping fabric, preparing the project grounds is just as important as the quality of materials you use. While a lot of people will lay weed barrier directly over existing or barely prepared area, the best performance and longest lasting results are more likely with good preparation. To Start Measure and mark the area.