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What Happens To Your Body ● When You Smoke WEED For a Month

Here’s the effects of Smoking Cannabis/Weed for a Month. Smoking For a Month here https://youtu.be/HD__r66sFjk Vaping For a Month here https://youtu.be/zFyUlBpy5gU ● My Amazon Store https://www.amazon.com/shop/chrisnotap ============== EXPLANATION of the test =================== * same experiment smoking 30 packs of cigarettes for a month https://youtu.be/HD__r66sFjk same experiment vaping for a month same experiment smoking just (1)

Artificial Grass in Europe

The artificial grass industry has expanded to international territories across the globe throughout the years, including Europe. With large sports industries like football (or soccer in America) and rugby, Europe has utilized artificial grass for many purposes. From Germany and the UK, to different parts of the Netherlands, artificial grass continues to be a growing

How to Keep Your Grass Green Without Wasting Water

With dry weather ahead for most parts of the United States, grass painting is becoming a popular way to conserve water and save money and time on lawn care. The grass is mown and edged then sprayed with a non-toxic dye. Once dry, the dye is safe around kids, animals and plants. The dye can

Artificial Grass – Do Your Research When Going a Company

Updating the look of your yard can be fun and exciting. Giving your home a new look is a big change and there are many options available to choose from. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a perfectly manicured and green yard all year round? It would be great! You can achieve this

The Best and Worst Traits of Bermuda Grass

The popularity and application of Bermuda grass lawns remains almost unrivalled amongst other warm season grasses in many of the warmer regions of the world. Compared to other warm climate lawn options, Bermuda grass is very inexpensive to purchase, has a fine soft leaf and pleasing appearance, and withstands wear and tear very well. However

The Grass is Always Greener In Your Yard

Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but luckily, you can make that your side of the fence. All it takes is the right outdoor power equipment to get your lawn as luscious as you want and to make all your neighbors green with envy. Getting the perfect lawn

The Harms of Marijuana

Subscribe to Healthcare Triage! https://bit.ly/2GlEYWG We’ve talked in the past about the positives of Marijuana use. What are the harms? From pregnancy effects to impaired driving to memory and concentration, Aaron will tell you how pot might hurt you. *** Aaron has a book out now! It’s called The Bad Food Bible: How and Why

How I get my lawn so weed free

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