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Rastafari and Reggae Designs in T-Shirt Printing

T-shirt printing companies often feature symbolic prints on t-shirts. These symbols include political and social images that may have significance to a minority group or may represent a counterculture movement, such as the Rastafari Movement. According to Wikipedia, most Rastas do not think of the movement as a “religion,” but a “Way of Life.” It

Impotence and Its Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies for Impotence Herbal remedies for impotence are commonly used nowdays as an alternative treatment to some of the pharmacological medicines that causes harmful effects to the body. More men prefer this kind of treatment such that it is safe, free from side effects and most importantly, it is effective in treating impotence. Impotence

Foods For Fat Loss

Foods for fat loss is a topic that is controversial at most times than not. This is due to the fact that certain foods become popular because they are included in fad diets so over time; people tend to think that these foods are fat burners. This is a very dangerous approach to losing weight

The Holistic Protocol to Reverse Cancer

Cancer is at epidemic levels in the United States. Conventional methods do not cure cancer. They prolong life for a few years. Conventional methods eradicate cancer cells, but cancer often returns later. This is because conventional treatment does nothing about the underlying causes of cancer. Conventional treatment destroys healthy cells along with cancerous cells and

To Be A Scullion

As the pan gets cleaned, it almost has a glow that belongs to your heart. Each dish that gets rinsed means that you are easing your family’s way. When the counters are wiped down germs and bacteria won’t go into the mouths of our children. Refinishing a bathroom helps the community become a better place

Chia Seeds and Your Lifestyle

What is Chia? Let's start with a brief history. Chia is a plant that grows in the Valley of Mexico. It has been around since the 14th century. Mayan Indians used the Chia seed for strength in their diet. Aztec and Apache tribes used it for food in battle. It was considered one of five

Natural Hemp Products – Multiple Uses, Multiple Benefits

Hemp is one of the oldest industries on the planet, dating back more than 10000 years to the beginnings of pottery. Hemp is cannabis grown specifically for industrial use and then contains very low levels of cannabinoids (THC). Used worldwide in clothing and increasingly in cosmetics it is also used to make paper, textiles, building

Traditional Healing Practices – Implications for Healthcare

According to the 2011 census, India is inhabited by 104 million people classified as tribals (i.e., ~8.6% of the country’s population) belonging to over 550 tribal communities and approximately 277 ethnic groups. Tribal communities have totally submitted themselves to the forest setting and as a result of living so close to nature have, over the

How Do I Compost?

In the quest for Green Living and leaving the least amount of waste behind, composting is the ultimate in recycling! If you ask “how do I compost,” then here is your guide. The benefit to a compost pile is twofold – you eliminate waste AND create fertilizer/soil additive for the rest of the yard and