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1lb of MR.H Cannabis!

18+older!!! Contact:jackeyloverboy@yahoo.com instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackey_420 1Pound of mr,h cannabis!!!! this shit is GASSSSSSS!!!!! i also squeeze it and rosin.everything was fire…sorry for the lack of uploads,but yal know why..so much love for staying in tune and much love for all my ig fam that came over…much love fam im out. source

18INCH BONG RIPS!?! – Stay Lifted with CaliforniaBudz

GOTTA GIVE SOME LOVE AND CREDIT FOR KING’S PIPE ALWAYS HOOKING ME UP, SUCH GREAT SERVICE AND QUALITY!!! 🙂 “All KING’s Pipe Glass products are American made with peace & good vibes! We’ve worked with local LA glass blowers to make premium quality water pipes at super affordable prices. We also always have site-wide sales

80 Bong Rips Through Piece Water Solution

Check out this time-lapse of 80 bong rips being pulled through a fill of Piece Water Solution. You’ll see that the Piece Water Solution completely stops resin and gunk from adhering to the glass. After 80 hits, just a quick rinse with tap water and it’s clean!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! This magical solution not only keeps