Why Are People Naturally Lazy?

When we take a look at the advances in technologies that have been designed to help humans exert less energy, we can not help to wonder why people are naturally lazy. One popular theory that seems to be floating around is that we are no different to other animals, as they possess the exact same natural trait. The reason for this trait is to conserve energy, which is crucial for any living organism to survive. In other words, save that energy for something that really needs it.

Therefore, the reason that we wonder why people are naturally lazy is because this trait is more exaggerated, which is due to our ability to reason and brainstorm. Physically, we are weaker than most other mammals, so have to depend on our brainpower in order to survive and to prosper. This brainpower allows us to come up with technologies that do not only help us to survive, but are also there before our convenience.

Maybe the question we should be asking instead of why people are naturally lazy is either or not being lazy is good or bad. Then again, maybe we have the wrong assumption of what being lazy means. This in turn will bring up a more important question, which is why do not certain people feel motivated enough, because both motivated and unmotivated people can be deemed lazy. In other words, if an accountant decides to use a calculator over a pen and paper in order to crunch numbers, should that considered lazy? The accountant still has motivation, which is to do his or her job correctly and accurately, and to do so by preserving energy, which in turn is a powerful time management tool.

On the other hand, some employees are notoriously known for taking too many sick days. One of the main reasons for this is because these workers feel less motivated. They do not like their jobs, so would rather stay home and do nothing. This is also considered to be lazy, right? So, what it really brings down to is motivation. In order for a person to feel motivated, they have to feel happy and enthusiastic with what they do in life. This in turn will allow them to be productive, and to use their "lazy" trait for the right reasons, which is to conserve energy.

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