The Essential Dorm Room Guide

Well, you're finally out on your own now Sparky! It's time for you to pack those dorm things in bags and get a haul on – well a U-Haul on anyway. Its time to be set free, across the open plain, through the woods and under the bridge to … okay well no, you should not go live with Grandma. That dorm room is just waiting for you. So let's move in! Here is a partial list.

Take the time to think about your space constraints … and consider the following: Dorm Rooms are Small.

The First Step to getting out there is finding a place to store your stuff you will be able to take with you. Assuming you have exhausted all apartment options … we will be going Dorm Crazy. Get a cheap rental unit … that is not sleazy, or see if your parents can keep your crap. Usually they have plans for your old room … like a bar, or an entertainment room, or just knocking the walls out to make the living space nicer and erase your memory from their minds until you come back begging for cash. Anyways, this is the first step.

Well what things do you need for a dorm? First of all you should bring along a laptop – and if you do not have one by now with a portable printer you are insane. I do not mean 'I will rule the world!' insane either. I'm talking sitting in a corner repeating the Meow Mix theme to yourself while violently bashing your head on the wall insane. Please know that your laptop should have a set of headphones too, and also consider getting a good scanner. It is important that you do not annoy your roommates at the dorm with your laptop blasting noise.

Second, bringing bedding. Really – you want to be somewhat comfortable right? Take your bedding, and do not share it, because it will bring a bit of home with you and can help you sleep peacefully, or at least when you do decide to sleep. The reason the bedding can play a role is that sometimes they do not provide it (never) and you would end up having to buy more anyway. Actually you may have to buy it because most colleges provide extra long twin beds so you will need extra long twin sheets. That makes sense. Do not forget the mattress cover or pad to protect you from whatever the last occupant left behind.

Third, you will need entertainment. Assuming you're actually going for an education, do not invest in beer bongs, real bongs, or any other kind of mentally frying entertainment device. You have a computer right? Well, get some movies! Also, bringing a deck of cards; it's always a good time to learn some card games. (Poker) You could also bring a nice chess set, and any other easily portable and storable board game.

Fourth and finally, for now, you might want to invest in some other useful things that you will need. These are really simple by the way: toilet paper, tooth brush, other sanitary items, spare clothes, sleeping bag (have faith … you will use it ever), small toolkit, and any assortment of other small necessities that make life nicer . As far as food goes, only take the essentials, A big box of Ramen noodles, jugs of water, jerky, and Ho Ho's.

There are many other things you should bring along, but these are most important to surviving the college atmosphere isolated from your stuff. With a laptop, and some entertainment, along with bedding and all the smaller things you will be prepared for even the most mundane days.

Source by Sara Dunn


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