SOG Vulcan Folding Knife Review

SOG makes some of my favorite knives in the world. They are not only strong, but becoming more innovative over time. The SOG Arcitech and Meridian folders are some of the coolest knives out there. I recently picked up the SOG Vulcan folder with tanto point and here are my thoughts:

What I like about the knife:

1. SOG uses what I consider to be the best steel in the knife world today for the Vulcan; VG-10 San Mai. This steel is great because the inner core (cutting edge) is made from super sharp and tough VG-10 stainless. VG-10’s only downfall is that it can be somewhat brittle and prone to rust. To counteract this, one layer of 420J2 steel is carefully laminated on each side of the VG-10 giving you the ultimate compromise between edge retention, flexibility and corrosion resistance.

2. You have the option of 3.0 or 3.5 inch blade with tanto or drop point. I personally chose the 3.5 inch tanto blade because I like to have somewhat hefty knives. Although it is large enough to be a trusted work companion, both blade sizes and styles should be legal to carry almost anywhere you go.

3. Are you a lefty? The Vulcan comes with a reversible pocket clip and ambidextrous thumb stud to allow for easy right or left handed carry.

4. I like the fact that SOG’s Arc-Lock has no up and down or side to side movement when in the locked position. In fact, this lock has been independently tested to hold over 1,000 pounds of direct pressure without failure.

5. Ergonomically speaking, the SOG Vulcan is awesome. The handle feels very comfortable and is made from super-tough zytel material that will hold up for many years.

What I didn’t like:

I wish that this knife were available with serrations. I always like to have at least partially serrated knives for utility work, but considering the high grade of steel I can see why they didn’t want to implement serrations.


With suggested retail values ranging from $140 to $185, the SOG Vulcan packs all the punch of a custom knife at a fraction of the cost. I’ve seen other knife companies charge upwards of $500 for production folders made with laminated San Mai steel. The Vulcan is a great value for the money.

Source by Santiago Gutierrez


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