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When we speak of lawn fertilizers, let alone fertilizers in general, Scotts Fertilizer is definitely a household name. Whether you are shopping in the popular gardening stores like Lowe's or even in a local mart, Scotts Fertilizer can never be missing on the shelf; or if it is, chances are it's out of stock.

What Are The Ingredients In Scotts Fertilizer

You may be wondering why Scotts Fertilizer has made quite a name in the Home and Gardening industry. Fertilizers are all about components and ingredients- and the most likely reason why this catapulted itself in the A-list is because of its highly organic and nutritious ingredients.

Urea. This is what makes up most of the grains inside your the fertilizer bag. Urea is a very organic component – in fact, our body produces Urea too. It is a solid-white crystalline component which can be very nutritious to plants and weeds if used in the correct amount, but can be harmful or worthless when used too much or inadequately.

Potassium Chloride. This mineral component of the fertilizer makes the lawn and plants withstand the erratic changes in the weather as well as provide the plants strength and immunity from foliage diseases and pest infestations.

Iron. This is as important to the plants as it is to humans. In human functioning, without enough Iron, we may look pale and weak-this is also true with plants that instead of their green hue, they may look pale and yellowish. Scotts make it feasible for plants to be supplemented with Iron even in iron-deficient soil, so preventing a lackluster facade of your lawn; in effect, making them look hale and hearty.

Most Scotts Fertilizer comes in granule and liquid form- both forms need to be mixed with water as per the instruction guide. Mixing these fertilizers with water will ensure proper supply of the chemicals as well as prevent damages to your lawn and plants by chemical burns. Be careful in calculating the proper amount of fertilizer to spray into your lawn as overdosing may not do your lawn any good.

Choosing the correct fertilizer is a key to achieving that front yard dream! With numerous brands available in the market today, choosing one might be easier said than done but surely, one brand has made quite a name in the field. Scotts is popular because of the effects that it has on the lawn. Better yet, Scotts Fertilizer is authentically organic, unlike other brands which claim they are organic but then, they end up burning your grasses and even your skin.

Pest and weed control, soil cultivation, plant and lawn growth- these are all covered by one brand; and most of all, you can do it on your own! Visit your nearest home and gardening shop now and give your lawn the best Scotts Fertilizer treatment that they can get.

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