Lagoon 420 – Diesel Electric Sailing Vacations

Interested in finding out what the future in yachting will be like? The best way to get a close and personal introduction into diesel electric yachting is through chartering one of these "Green" yachts. The Tortola Catamaran Center will be able to give you this opportunity through their acquisition of a Lagoon 420, called "Dignity". This kind of propulsion system makes minimal noise, and does not create smoke.

The Lagoon 420 is the perfect example of what happens when luxury and technology work together. Space and comfort were not limited in the design of this boat. The large master cabin is in the port hull. The other cabins provide a substantive room for crewmembers. This catamaran is not run short of storage area. Privacy can be easily attained since all cabins can be closed off from the salon.

Experience all of Lagoon's innovations on an environmentally sound vessel. "Dignity's" electric propulsion system consists of two standard electric motors connected to propellers by straight shaft transmissions, one generator and two set of 6 batteries.

Even while this vessel is running on the electric system crew members can rest assure that they are not creating any pollution? This system is so advanced that the batteries actually charge while the vessel is sailing. Regeneration occurs on the downside of waves. The generator provides electricity for the motors, the batteries and the daily boat needs (air conditioning, power sockets, washing machine, etc.). This arrangement creates energy savings for you. Experience what it's like to enjoy sailing the ocean in a 21st century electric catamaran. The fact that you are sailing in a non-polluting vessel will mean enjoying Mother Nature without damaging it.

When batteries are 100% charged, the boat will be able to function with both motors for approximately two hours (depending on speed). When batteries are 80% charged, the generator will automatically start and charge the batteries in order to provide electricity for the motors.

Be one of the first to participate in the future of sailing.

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