How To Stop Smoking Weed

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Onision, now known as “Character” is a YouTuber who has taken part in many debates, some with YouTubers like Jaclyn Glenn and Blaire White. Onision has made YouTube a big part of his life not just on the OnisionSpeaks channel but also UhOhBro & Onision as well as the new channels. Onision rose to the height of his popularity through viral videos and collaborations with YouTubers like Shane Dawson, Social Repose, JacksFilms, Tobuscus & many others. He’s also had internet drama with PewDiePie, iDubbbzTV & Eugenia Cooney. While Onision for some is an obsession, he reacts to rants online with grace, intelligence and is always the bigger person in every situation… just kidding. Either way, at least he hasn’t had a Content Cop 😉



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