How Much Money Will I Save If I Stop Smoking Weed?

There is always a question of how to stop smoking, but have you ever thought about the price point? It has been said that smokers that quit cigarettes will be able to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually by quitting smoking tobacco. But what about weed? How much money could you save if you were to stop smoking weed? That’s an interesting element to consider, and one that most people may not know how to consider. The following may very well show you how much money you can save if you stop smoking weed.

The Price Points Vary

Unlike tobacco, weed can cost a lot of money, or it can cost very little depending on what you’re getting, and where you’re getting it from. Some individuals are buying legal products from states that allow recreational use. Those people are spending a lot in taxes, and could find one pre-roll could cost $10.

Assuming you were taking one preroll a day, you would be spending $10 a day, which is $300 a month on weed. But what if you smoked 2 or more a day? That’s multiples of 2 and even more. Some heavy users smoke 3 to 4 a day, that’s $40 a day on this habit, and could lead to thousands of dollars.

Rolling Your Own

Let’s assume that you’re rolling your own or perhaps using a pipe. You would have to look into the price of the stuff you’re buying, which can vary. High quality options by the ounce could cost you upwards of hundreds of dollars, depending on the strain, the location you’re buying from, and how much you’re buying.

Some individuals buy large quantities that are legal, and others that are illegal. Whatever the case may be, as you look at the price points, and your frequency, you’ll find that it’s not a surprise that you could be investing thousands of dollars a year for weed.

Saving Money

Not sure how much you will save? Just think about how much you’re using on a week, and then start to look at the bigger picture. Next time you buy, write down a note as to how much you’ve spent. Do this regularly, and then add up the money you’re spending. You’ll find that you could very well be spending all of your money for this, and that’s never a good thing. Just look at the money, and where it’s going. Be a good accountant for a short span, and you’ll be stunned by the money you’re spending and could be saving.

There is no “one” way to look at this. Many people smoke a small amount, and others smoke a lot. What is going to be the price point that shows how much you’re spending? Well, that’s a matter of you considering how much you’re smoking, when you smoke the most, and what you’re smoking overall. There’s a lot of different factors that come into this, mind you. It’s a positive thing to consider, and something that you shouldn’t take for granted if you want to save money.

Source by William M Mason


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