Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle Film Review

The 2004 comedy Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle stars John Cho, Kal Penn, Neil Patrick Harris, Anthony Anderson, and Fred Willard. The producers are Greg Shapiro and Nathan Kahane. It is directed by Danny Leiner.

The story centers around two roommates, Harold and Kumar. Harold is a hard-working financial analyst, while Kumar is trying to enter medical school. He has no desire to enter medical school and just goes to the interviews so his dad will keep paying for his apartment. One night they find themselves desiring the "perfect food", White Castle hamburgers. So they set out to the local White Castle only to find a different burger place in the same location. The guy at the drive-up tells Harold and Kumar about a 24-hour White Castle in nearby Cherry Hill. Along the way, they encounter "weed", a freak called Freakshow, a crooked cop, a gang that is constantly taunting them, a shooting victim, and a stoned Neil Patrick Harris.

This movie is another example of how you can make a movie based on the most trivial tasks and make it funny. Here, we see two guys who want to eat at White Castle. They go out and, instead of just driving straight to the place, they get side-tracked and end up meeting all these interesting characters and facing extremely unusual situations. For example after Harold and Kumar get a flat tire, they meet a religious man who happens to have a tow truck. But this man is not just any man. He looks like a freak and is known as Freakshow. He speaks with a hillbilly accent and has boils on the side of his neck. Freakshow takes him to his place where he can fix their tire. Harold and Kumar are invited in and meet his equally God-praising and hot wife. Just as she is about to do them, Freakshow comes in and desires to have a foursome. The boys run out of the house in horror.

Another instance is when Harold is arrested and taken to jail. He was trying to punch Kumar but missed and hit a cop instead. The cop throws Harold in jail with a calm black man who tells him he was arrested for being black. Soon, the cops are called to a shooting somewhere, leaving Harold and the man alone in their cell unguarded. Kumar then sneaks through the air vent to let Harold out. He falls through the vent onto the floor and gets the keys to his cell. But he get distracted by a bag of marijuana on the cop's desk. At this point Harold is out of the cell, but the cops return. They see the cell door open and assume the black man is resisting arrest because he's holding a book. The cops go inside and check him. Meanwhile, Harold and Kumar escape.

Despite its crude reputation, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle actually actually has an important life lesson in it. It is that you do not have to settle for what you have if you want more. An example is when the boys arrive at the place where they thought there was a White Castle, but instead they found a restaurant called Burger Shack. Harold and Kumar are tempted to just eat there, but the man at the drive-up window tells them about a 24-hour White Castle just 45 minutes away. They both agree to make the journey.

Later on after all that they've been through, they consider just going home. But, they see two of their friends eating at Hot Dog Heaven and remember what it's like when a man gets exactly what he desires. Harold and Kumar decide that nothing will stop them from getting to White Castle and getting exactly what they want.

To wrap, I believe Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle is a classic. It is hilarious and will make you want to watch it over and over again.

Source by Kevin Dillehay


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