D-Real [愛] – Bongs & Daki’s ft Shiki’s Interview (Prod. By Athena)

So this was never on my tube , but you guys wanted this song so here it goes. Hope you guys enjoy these re uploads as much as i enjoy your comments, lol. So come get smoked out with your fam , friends, & waifu’s. Bongs & Daki’s for all. Don’t be scared to be yourself people. Much love to all.

Prod: https://soundcloud.com/thegoddessofwisdom

Soundcloud Stream : https://soundcloud.com/4theconcept

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4yvoMtEuBFIuQT1XUGRGKg

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/d-real-%E6%84%9B/1257022203

Interview by my bro https://soundcloud.com/thetmns

Hilarious vocal sample by Aris follow him:

Art: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2714547

Bongs and daki parties my lungs are part Atari

my game is life & waifus i blow to workem properly


puff on this chiba while cheetahs suck on my peter bonita

Ms Griffin heard your the Lois/Lowest well im the highest chiefer’s

tomahawks on features send all my praise to Athena

my own goddess of wisdom share my knowledge to seekers

Kakegurui my jury we gamble to make flurry

of mammals embrace the groove all my haters are surely

faking like a sad boy you must be the new type

for crying out boy you can’t even boo who right uh

Verse 2
mannnnn im tired of edgy fuck bois

don’t make me do ntr you tryna get cucked boy

Rem is my daki sip on my saki and choke on bong

Tell ratchet thotties who acting cocky to choke on my slong

not a meme boy but always got a tight pic

my girly’s know to where the lace and virgin killer outfits

not her first time Ms. Harajuku’s my dish

always eat the cherry or she’ll be throwing pout fits


i be like adios amigos my waifu gone smash i should have my own Amibo

Renditions of kissing misses since daughters had Quinceañeras

Got coochie but still a noobie beat cooties an fighting Hera

marriage is golden carriage my mic you just can’t compare her

to hoochies computing beauty they end in impending errors



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