8 Ways To Beat Marijuana Detox Pains

OK, before you get into this too deep, I should warn you that this is mostly just common sense stuff.

There are no magical cures for marijuana withdrawal, and for the most part you just have to end it, get a lot of support, keep busy and power through those first really tough three or four days.

I should also say that the source for this information is marijuana anonymous, and comes from a lot of people with no interest in anything other than helping others to recover from addiction, and from people who have absolutely no commercial interest in your recovery whateversoever. Which means of course that whether or not you agree with what they say, at least you can trust where they're coming from.

Marijuana addiction is real, and a lot of people will experience a syndrome of detox pains after they try to quit. Some of the more common symptoms of detox include anxiety, depression, a loss of appetite, sweats, headaches, insomnia (a big one) and nausea and even vomiting for some. These symptoms will peak within a day or so, and will stay intense for about three or four days before gradually subsiding in intensity. If you can make it out of the first week you are halfway home, and you just need a little determination and support to get past those tough first few days.

So here are 8 ways to ease the pains of marijuana detox

1 Hot baths. They ease anxiety, can relax muscles may help with headaches and tend to relax you, making it easier to fall sleep.

2 Plenty of fluids, keep your strength up from the sweats.

3 Naturally detoxifying cranberry juice has been said to help some

4 A glass of warm milk before bed. Sounds cliché, but it really works to put you to sleep.

5 Exercise, this can really help a lot. It can tire you out, ease your anxiety and get some endorphins firing, lessening feelings of depression.

6 Eat bananas. When you sweat a lot you deplete your natural stores of potassium.

7 Avoid greasy food, wait until your stomach settles before thinking about cheeseburgers

8 No coffee. It does not help with your anxiety your shakiness and it certainly does not help with insomnia.

So, nothing groundbreaking, but all stuff that may help to take the edge off the pains of detox, and might just help you to make it through another day. Remember, as bad as it looks, you've only got to make it through a few days to be past the worst of it, and then you can expect to start feeling a lot better.

You can do it, you need to stop, and everything you do that breaks you free from addiction is worth it.

Source by Christian Shire


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