6 Things You Can Start Doing Tomorrow That Will Increase Your Efficiency In The Gym

I see people in the gym wasting time everyday doing the same old things over and over again. These are the same people who fall off of their programs because they say they do not have enough time to exercise. This articles sole purpose is the increase your efficiency in the gym without jeopardizing your success.

1) Have a Plan: Make sure you have a plan when you go to the gym or where you are going to workout at. Write it down before hand so the only thing you have to do is read what your program says and perform the exercise. This does two things. First, it takes away the time that you would normally be wasting looking around the gym to decide what you wanted to next. Second, it allows you to see your progress and gives you a plan in writing that you can stick to.

2) Do super sets: A super set is choosing 2 exercises that can be performed back to back with little to no rest. For example, if you choose to do a super set with a lat pull, a good exercise to pair that with would be a bench press. The reason for this is when you do a lat pull, you are working your back and your biceps. When doing a bench press, you are using your chest, shoulders and triceps. Paring these up will allow you to train at high intensities for both exercises because you will be using different muscle groups for each one. The idea is to keep you moving at all times

3) Intensity, Intensity, Intensity: Over the past 2 decades we have been told by everyone that if we want to "tone up" we need to perform 3 sets of 15 reps. This is not a bad way to train but it is not the most efficient. If you are performing 15 repsances are the first 10-12 reps performed are pretty easy and you are not working very hard. To get the same results, if not better, drop that rep range to 6-10 and make the whole set highly intense. Women, I know what you are thinking and no, you will not "bulk up" doing this. Practicing this will cut down on your time during the sets which will cut down your time in gym.

4) Appear to be busy and focused: bringing headphones or your mp3 player to the gym can do this. Have you ever noticed that the ones who wear the headphones and mp3 players are not wasting time talking to other gym goers? This might seem anti-social but the purpose of the article is to increase efficiency and limit your time spent in the gym, not socialize.

5) Bring your own water bottle: This one looks simple enough. By bringing you own water bottle you can cut down on time walking back and forth from the water cooler between sets. This might not seem like it takes too much time but every little thing helps.

6) Do combination lifts: Combined two lifts together is a great way to save time. Think of it as killing two birds with one stone. An example of this would be doing a squat and a shoulder press at the same time. Hold a set of dumbbells at shoulder level when starting your squat. Go down like you normally would with a squat and when you are coming back up to a standing position do a shoulder press. You can combine squats with curls, tricep extension and rows. Be creative when choosing combination lifts but do not make it complicated. When choosing combination lifts, choose exercises that fit well together.

There you have it. You can start doing these things tomorrow and by practicing all of these tips, I promise you will increase your efficiency without jeopardizing your success.

Source by John Eckerman


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